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TSTocracy - Feb. 10th

It's a full-court press on the draft here at TST these days, and I for one love it. Few things make me happier than overanalyzing 7th round picks in my spare time. Still, I know that's not something most people care about. But what is?

I'm still working on my next mock draft, a 2-round expansion of the 1-round mock I dropped at the end of January. Until then, what's the most important discussion to you? Is it needs? Prospects? Statistical wizardry from Van? Weird prospect data from me (Have you heard about the hands on Carlton Mitchell, WR, S. Florida?)? Or are you getting burnt out on the draft already and you need some CBA or general Rams yakking to keep you going? Your civic duty as a Rams fan is to participate in this TSTocracy of ours...