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Are the Rams moving Sam Bradford up their draft board?

Here's a little more insight for the discussion of whether or not the St. Louis Rams will be looking to draft a quarterback when Christmas in April arrives. 

The issue of the Rams drafting a QB is inextricably linked to the discussion of no-so-consensus first overall pick Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions, who pick behind the Rams at our usual number two spot. This latest information comes from a post centered on the emerging meme of whether or not Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy is a better DT than Suh. Blah, blah, blah...expect lots more of that as the weeks go by. Now, let's get the grist of this post. From a post today at, the online outlet for a consortium of Michigan newspapers:

In talking to a couple of well-informed folks from St. Louis last week at the Super Bowl, two interesting points came up.

The first is one that I've been talking about for awhile -- that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, once he proves his injured right shoulder is OK -- could move into that No. 1 spot. The Rams are desperate to replace Marc Bulger, who is not in the team's long-term plans.

That shouldn't be much of a surprise. Last year, Bradford, coming off his Heisman-winning campaign, would have been considered by many the top player available in the draft, certainly the top QB. He's throwing again and is said to be ahead of schedule on rehabbing from his shoulder injury. Bradford will not participate in drills at the Combine, but he is predicted to be ready to go for Pro Day at OU, which should happen sometime in March. Ok, now, back to the Rams and why the idea of drafting a QB isn't such a far out possibility. 

The other interesting piece of information was that the Rams had considered drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the second overall pick last year. The Jets trading up to No. 5 and taking Sanchez was considered a reach so the Rams would've taken plenty of heat for taking Sanchez at No. 2 -- which is why they didn't. But after the rookie performance by Sanchez, it appears the Rams -- who took tackle Jason Smith -- made a mistake.

Remember, the Rams had some offers to trade down; the terms just weren't acceptable enough for GM Billy Devaney to pull the trigger. Supposedly, Devaney made a 2010 first round pick a precondition of any trade at last year's draft. Regardless, we kind of already knew that the Rams were interested in and considered drafting Mark Sanchez last year, but the notion that taking some heat for using the second pick was a reason never entered into the conversation. How much of a concern was it? I'm not surprised that the issue played into their decision, but I still tend to think that ultimately the team realized just how badly they needed to address the offensive line before they invested in another QB.

Either way, I think it's safe to assume that Devaney and his draft cadre will most certainly be seriously considering their options at QB and weighing that against the other options available to them in the draft.