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Rams planning roster cuts?

Still basking in your Super Bowl hangover? Well, guzzle some coffee find some greasy food and keep close to the interwebs today because it's the first day that teams can start releasing players. Will the St. Louis Rams release anyone? You can count on a few players getting their walking papers before March 5, but it may not happen today if the coaching staff is still reviewing the current Rams roster. 

The bulk of the players released by the Rams aren't likely to earn much more than a shrug. People will be watching closely for what the Rams decide to do with March Bulger. At one point, it seemed like a sure bet that they would release him. Now, with the uncapped season limiting free agent options, I suspect they won't be in any hurry to send Bulger packing until they can get a sense of what they'll do to fill their need at quarterback. If this Michael Vick thing has any legs - and there's really nothing to suggest that it does, at the moment - something will have to happen before March 5.

Other than Bulger, the Rams just don't have many "known" candidates to be cut; Spagnuolo and Devaney cut just about all of the links to the previous regime last year. So the next big question is which free agents they'll try to retain, which includes Leonard Little, James Hall and, yes, even the recently-engaged Kyle Boller.

It will be just as interesting, if not more, to watch who gets their walking papers elsewhere around the league. Torry Holt is done in Jacksonville. The cuts will make the free agent market a little richer, maybe. Stay tuned.