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Super Bowl XLIV open thread

I'm typing this while I'm waiting on the hot wings to finish, the first batch anyway. Dips secured. Chips nicely presented in serving tray. Beer, sweet nectar of the gods, on ice. 

I don't start tailgating too early because it usually means I miss the game; I'll let you deduce the reasons why. But today's the Super Bowl, so I'm throwing this thread up a little ahead of time...just in case. 

Hey, remember when the Rams almost beat the Saints this year? Yeah, that was awesome.

Here's a question to ponder. Why not have the Super Bowl on President's Day weekend? That way, lots of people have the following Monday off. It sure couldn't hurt productivity. If the NFL is going to keep pushing this game back, might as well stretch it out one more weekend. 

SBN has an open thread for the game too. At least stop by and force everyone to recall who won this thing ten years ago. 

Enjoy the day.