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Random Ramsdom, 2/5: Lockout likely?

Is there a game this weekend? Oh, wait. Funny enough, to me, this seems like the first Super Bowl in a long time where the "other" football conversations, i.e. the draft, CBA, etc., have received just as much attention as the game itself. Of course, I think much of that has to do with how we consume information now that technology allows us to filter out the subjects of less interest, to some extent, and focus on what we do want to listen to. Is that a good or bad thing? On to the news I deem important!


Turley: Martz a better coordinator than head coach - Something that should come as no surprise to Rams fans.

Rams sale rumors impacting CFL - The Toronto Argo react to the rumors of a the Toronto connected bidder for the Rams. The article also says a move to Toronto is "unlikely."

Kansas City Politician Files Bill To Reverse NFL Blackout Policy - Just when you think politicians can't do anything right, a state-level David aims his slingshot at the NFL.

Kiss the cap goodbye forever? - NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in his news conference yesterday that once the league and the players experience life without the salary cap, it will be "virtually impossible" to return to life with a cap. That's not good, as it would destroy competitiveness and, thus, profits in the league. 


Smith says lockout likely - More from Smith's presser yesterday: it's 75 percent negotiating bluster, but Smith also said that a lockout in 2011 is almost certain. I'm going to be talking about the CBA situation much more; it's starting to get interesting.


Brandon Marshall saga continues - To trade or not to trade? Is there really any point trying to read the tea leaves at this point in the game?