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Rams favorites to sign Vick?

As if whispers about the bidders in the pending sale of the St. Louis Rams weren't enough to fire your imagination, then another Michael Vick rumor ought to get your synapses firing on all cylinders. A report from Jason LaCanfora on the NFL Network yesterday said that the Rams were the favorites to land Michael Vick

This won't be the last Vick rumor to surface. Just yesterday there was a report from the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that the Eagles would like to hang on to Vick. That seems more like posturing as the team tries to gin up some trade interest before they have to pay him $5 million on March 5. What LaCanfora's report does not say is how the Rams would be most  likely to acquire Vick, via trade or as a free agent. I would hope that GM Billy Devaney goes the later route, using some of the freed up "dead money" from last year's roster purge to sign Vick rather than trade any of the Rams precious few assets, players or picks, for a guy who hasn't thrown more than two regular season passes since 2006...when he had a 52.6 percent completion rate, lower than Bulger's in 2009. 

There's more QB news that might have implications for the Rams. Pending free agent Chad Pennington has stated a preference to return to the Dolphins, even as a backup. Pennington would be one of the few free agent QBs if the league goes without a cap in 2010. He's another guy that if the Rams made a move for would require them to have a real solid backup option given Pennington's injury history. Frankly, I'll pass.