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Vick off the market?

Take this with a healthy doe of skepticism, but the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi is reporting that the Eagles now plan to hang on to QB Michael Vick...$5 million plus salary and all. The St. Louis Rams are one of several teams that has been linked by rumor and innuendo to Vick. 

Statements like that mean nothing this time of year. Of course you do have to consider the possibilities. This could be, as the PFT post says, an attempt to drive up his trade value or to try and generate trade interest in case teams just wait for Philly to release him. On the other hand, it could indicate a debate within that organization about which QB they'd part ways with, i.e. maybe they'd rather trade Kolb or McNabb in the likelihood they would get a better return.

I don't know what kind of trade value teams will place on Vick. Whatever the demands turn out to be, I hope the Rams don't go all in on the guy with one or more of our precious draft picks, or even, heaven forbid, one of our more marketable players that might be better leveraged. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I have no problems with the Rams taking a flyer on Vick if the price is right, but they better have a solid backup plan before investing a guy who hasn't thrown more than two regular season passes since 2006.