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Bradford answers questions like a potential first overall pick

Take it for what it's worth, but one of the St. Louis Rams potential first overall draft picks answered some questions in his press avail today at the Combine. No, literally, he answered questions. Ok, so the A to the Q wasn't the real story. It was the contract between Bradford's interview and Clausen's. Where Clausen underwhelmed, Bradford handled to the media with poise, looking like a possible first pick in the draft is expected to look with cameras in his face. 

Here's Rob Rang on Bradford's interview:

...there was no doubt that the former Heisman winner owned the media room with a confidence and ease that will be very attractive to teams.

Impressive with a microphone, of course, is just one of the big tests for Bradford, the biggest being his health. It's worth noting that Rang wasn't the only one satisfied with the OU passers presence on the stand. 

As far his health goes, Bradford got a good review, saying his shoulder "checked out really well" at the Combine. In the same presser he said that he's at 85% as far as his shoulder recovery goes. 

And finally, last Bradford bit of the day, CBS' Pete Prisco says this about who the Rams should draft with the first overall pick:

When was the last Super Bowl you came away from thinking that a defensive tackle decided the game?

Now you know why the St. Louis Rams have no choice but to take a quarterback with the first overall pick in the April draft.