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Rams rumors rising from the ashes of nothing

The St. Louis Rams will be the subject of plenty of rumors, some with smoke attached - as in where there's smoke - many more based on absolutely nothing. Take this one about Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo talking with former Giants MLB Antonio Pierce. The two had a conversation, as former teammates and friends often do, and it gets thrown around the internet. I doubt Pierce is has the Rams high on his radar, as long as he's looking for a starting gig.

Then there's the non-rumor rumors about Michael Vick heading the to the Rams. Billy Devaney told the press that he has not had any conversations with the Eagles about Vick. Now, that's a little more telling than nothing at all because it could imply that the Rams aren't interested in trading for Vick at the price quoted by the Eagles, someone else in the Rams organization has had a conversation with the Eagles or all of the above. We'll see what happens.

Here's video of Devaney on the Vick thing.

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Couple of other interesting notes from the Combine. 


  • LSU's Trinidon Holiday ran the 40 in a blazing 4.25 seconds. Of course, he is 5'5" 161 lbs, which begs the question how durable the track star is for the NFL.
  • Little guys weren't the only ones burning it up. Maryland OT Bruce Campbell ran the 40 in 4.85 seconds. Putting him on Al Davis' radar.
Irish QB Jimmy Clausen stood under the lights for his media session today. He mentioned that he "loves" new Seahags coach and former USC coach Pete Carroll. What's most interesting about Clausen's interview is what draft guru Rob Rang had to say about it:

At the same time, he did not provide the "buzz" to command a room that many of the top-rated quarterbacks of previous years have. 

As wishy-washy as that might sound, it could be important. Players who treat their interview with the media as an extension of the job interview these four days essentially are, try to be dynamic. Every one who is looking for a job wants to be the person his potential employer remembers and knows in his "gut" when he's found the right fit. For all of the hours and millions of dollars that go into scouting, teams still often rely on these gut decisions. 

Gotta have the buzz dude.