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Rams considering DTs and QBs with first pick

St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney spoke with the press this morning at the Combine. Before you get all cynical and think that he's just going to recite a bunch of tamper-proof taking points, take a gander at these tidbits he offered up.

The good news is that despite receiving attractive offers, the Rams will not be trading RB Steven Jackson. Not only will they not trade SJ39, they won't "poop-can" him either.

We can't be poop-canning him out of the building. We gotta have more guys like that in.  No, there is no talk about trading Steven Jackson and there won't be.

Whew. The GM also offered his take on the two top defensive tackles in the draft, saying that in the eyes of the Rams' staff there is no difference between McCoy and Suh. The two DTs along with the two QBs, Bradford and Clausen, are all being considered for the first overall pick.