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No offer for RFA Setterstrom and why that could signal the Rams are looking for OT help

Not as sexy a headline as the St. Louis Rams first overall pick in the draft, but important nonetheless is the rumor that the team will not extend a restricted free agent tender to OL Mark Setterstrom

Setts has done yeoman's work as a backup C/G, getting plenty of playing time as a starter. The problem has been the time in between, when Setts spent the last 14 weeks of the 2007 season and all of the 2008 season on IR. 

The Rams have Greco to compete for the starting RG job in camp this year, and some options for shuffling the lineup a little bit. If you'll remember, Adam Goldberg, usually filling in at OT, did an outstanding job filling in at G this season, better than his work at OT for sure. Given that, the Rams might be better served finding some depth at OT, since Goldberg just isn't quite enough to replace either Alex Barron or Jason Smith. They can throw Goldberg in the mix for the RG job. Personally, I think they're better off finding another player at OT, since that's where the Rams would be particularly vulnerable if either starter has to miss time. Plus, you they might be able to find a guy to compete with Barron and replace him after the season, if not before.