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Jason Campbell trade rumors swirl again; will the Rams be in the mix?

I think we've got, officially, our first rumor of the first day of the Combine, and it involves a QB. Not the QB that you're probably thinking of...and not the trade that you're probably thinking of for that matter. This rumor has the Redskins sending QB Jason Campbell to Buffalo for S Donte Whitner and a draft pick. 

Jason Reid of the Washington Post and Jason La Canfora, formerly of the WaPo and now with NFL Network, disucssed the rumor today, before pointing out the unlikeliness of that trade happening. The most interesting tidbit for fans of the St. Louis Rams is this from Reid's post:

Although multiple team sources have said they believe the Redskins plan to bring back Campbell, I would not be surprised if he is not with the team next season. Allen and Coach Mike Shanahan have a lot of work ahead of them as they try to rebuild the Redskins into a championship-caliber team, and they could determine that trading Campbell soon makes the most sense for their long-term goals.

Personally, if the Rams don't want to draft a QB with the first overall pick, I would love to see them make a move for Campbell. He's a much better option than Michael Vick, and would likely cost a bit more in a trade. Fine. Campbell is a solid game manager, which is about as exciting as it sounds, but he can run a West Coast offense. Some scouting reports are saying the same thing about Jimmy Clausen, and still recommending his as a top 5 pick. 

As for a trade, hmmm, the Redskins want a safety, I wonder who the Rams have at that position who could be a valuable trade chip? (BTW, that's just me armchair GM'ing; there's absolutely nothing factual behind that comment).