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Random Ramsdom: 2/25/2010

As we inch closer towards the deadline for a capped year (T-Minus 8 days), enjoy these fine articles:
  • Jason Cole over at Yahoo! Sports wrote a good article a couple of days ago about how to draft a QB. Will over at Ramsherd also has his take on the very same article.
  • RFA UPDATE: Show of hands, who thinks Alex Barron should be paid nearly 3 million dollars to say on the team? Now raise your other hand if you think Atogwe is a 7 million dollar safety. I get why Billy Devaney doesn't want to use the franchise tag, but as far as Atogwe is concerned, isn't it pretty much the same thing?
  • Jim Thomas over at STLToday thinks the Rams are in a better position for this draft because the coaching staff hasn't just moved in. If only we could all be blessed with such clairvoyance.  
  • Mike Sando takes a look at some NFC West gems and busts across the years. Pretty sad when half of the Rams portion is dedicated to someone who was drafted in 1951.
  • If you're wondering if the NFLPA and the NFL owners are going to make an agreement, take a look at this. I can't give either side much pity, it's tough making millions of dollars as a football player or being a multi-billionaire.
As far as from the inside, here are a couple recent fanposts:
  • TrojanRam throws the hammer down on Mr. Mayock. Quick question: is the term "sexy pick," in any way at all related to the fact that you will have grown men fantasizing about other men in Indianapolis very soon?
  • CoachConners throws at the possibility of looking at Randy Moss. Nothing wrong with that, the WR's could use someone like that to learn from. Both on and off the field.
Enjoy your Thursday!