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A look at (some) tight ends in the draft

Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham will be working out fully at the Combine, according to draft guru Rob Rang. That's exciting news for draftniks because Gresham is considered an elite talent at the position, but comes to the draft with big question marks after missing the entire 2009 season. 

If Gresham puts to rest questions about his health this weekend, then it's a sure bet he'd get drafted in the first round. The St. Louis Rams could really use a tight end of Gresham's ability in their offense. An addition like that would instantly add another dimension to the offense, making our receivers and Steven Jackson that much more potent. 

Of course, there are a few other TEs to keep an eye on this year. Arizona's Ron Gronkowski, who also missed the 2009 season, is considered by many to be the second best TE in the draft, on an equal level with Gresham by plenty of folks. He'll only participate in the weight lifting portion of the Combine. His back injury is a big question mark. 

Some other TEs to keep an eye on:

Aaron Hernandez, Florida
At 6' 2" his height has found its detractors. He also should be the fastest of the top tier TEs at the Combine. He has nice hands, but can he play big enough to be a reliable threat at TE?

Ed Dickson, Oregon
If he makes it to the third round, he could be an intriguing possibility for the Rams. Scouts like his ability on the seam routes and his hands and strength make him an option in heavy traffic. 

Jimmy Graham, Miami
Raw, but filled with possibility. The former basketball player will shine in Combine drills. The rawness of his ability will make him available on the second day. 

Andrew Quarless, Penn State
A little bit of rap sheet, questions about his maturity and inconsistent hands have hurt his draft stock. He's been showing up on radars with an 8 catch performance in Penn State's appearance in the Capital One Bowl and some solid days at the prospect events since then.