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Duh. Rams would consider trading the first overall pick, if only someone wanted it

In an announcement so shocking it can hardly be called news, St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney told Peter King and Carl Banks on Sirius NFL Radio today that the Rams would indeed consider trading the top pick in this year's NFL Draft. 

Picks. It's all about the picks. The football gods have loaded this year's draft with talent. First round players in any other year will be available in the second round. Second round players in any other year will be available in the third round. It's rich I tells ya, rich. 

Trading the first overall pick would be a desirable option most years anyway, given the ridiculous cost of signing the player picked first overall and the fact that the guy you've just guaranteed $40 million to may or may not be worth it. Unfortunately, it's not a very easy pick to trade. Unlike most years, there is a player(s) who stand above the rest in the eyes of many, but the fact is that Suh and McCoy are still defensive tackles and it's unlikely a team will be willing to trade up for the right to pay a DT that kind of money. 

The pick that may be the Rams best bargaining chip is their first pick in the second round. That one might be easier to flip for some picks in the second and/or third rounds where Devaney and Co. can fill an extra ore cart with that extra rich vein of talent in this year's draft.