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Draftember - the month of hope


  With so much draftery going on, I thought it might be useful to throw out a general timeline so we're all on the same page before splitting into a quadpartite civil war between the Suh Brigade, the Bradford Tribe, the Clausians and the generally hated Tebowites.

  The combine starts on Wednesday, the 24th, and runs through March 2nd, a Tuesday.  I'll throw up a primer (with some stuff from last year) to fill in the cracks, and a post on some names to look out for, as well as some prospects whose combines could make them 1st round studs or fourth round duds.

  After the combine, as we get into pro day season, I'll come back with a two-round, post-combine mock which is sure to infuriate everybody this side of the Khan (dare I say, it will create...Khan-troversy?).

  Day 1 of the draft is April 22, so we'll have about a month and a half after the combine to get as worked up as possible about the ultimate demise/forthcoming Super Bowl run of the 2010 Rams.  Remember, March is BYOH - bring your own hyperbole.

  Just so we're all at the same point before everything explodes in a typhoon of "NOOOO!", wihch it most certainly will.  This should be fun.