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Rams and Tampa Bay talking trade?

The weekend begins with whispers of a trade rumor involving the St. Louis Rams, the number one pick in the draft and Michael Vick

It's being said that in addition to their interest around Vick, Billy Devaney has been in "exploratory discussions" with Tampa Bay to swap first round picks (our first and their third) with either one of the Bucs' two second round picks or their third round pick. That trade would assure Tampa that Tampa drafts Ndamukong Suh, who they have at the top of their draft board and are said to be downright infatuated with the Nebraska DT. For the Rams, picking third allows them to draft a QB and sign him at a more reasonable level than if they used the first overall pick. 

There's one more interesting angle to this trade rumor. Sources cited in the article say the Rams have some interest in Tampa's 2008 fifth round draft pick, QB Josh Johnson. The former San Diego State star was one of Gruden's draftees, and isn't likely to figure into the plans for the Josh Freeman-led Bucs. 

...they’re "very high" on third-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who they would insist being in a potential trade with Tampa Bay. Rams officials compare Johnson favorably to Vick athletically, but they feel that he has a greater upside as a passer.

With Mike Reilly and Keith Null on the roster already, adding Johnson would give the Rams a trio of unheralded passers with plenty of potential. Of course, if such a deal were consummated there'd be no way all three guys would stay on the roster, definitely not if they drafted a QB after trading down in the first round. 

I would love to see the Rams make a trade like this. However, it's just one of many potential trades that the rumor mill will be hawking over the next two months. That's why rumor season is almost as exciting as the draft.