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Random Ramsdom, 2/2: More Vick to the Rams talk

It's Super Bowl week, and that means lots of St. Louis Rams news to talk about...or not. Actually, there are a few meaty tidbits out there to chew on and digest. Let's slather it up with steak sauce and dive in forks a blazing. 

Michael Vick tol Dan Patrick that he's still a top ten ten in the NFL, not the Angola Prison League. Yeah, I don't know about. He hasn't thrown more than two passes since 2007. And let's frame this in terms of the Rams, who are said to be interested: would you be comfortable handing the keys to the offense over to a guy who hasn't thrown more than two NFL passes since 2007...with Keith Null as the primary backup? Answer that honestly. 

PD columnist Bernie Miklasz has an update on the Rams ownership situation. Basically, Checketts is trying to add another partner to his mix in order to have more security behind his offer. There's reportedly some more local money on board. Maybe the Busch family is ready to spend some of that sweet Belgian scratch.

Dick Vermeil likes the Bears' decision to hire Mike Martz as their new offensive coordinator.

Mocking the Draft has a Gerald McCoy scouting report posted and a slew of others.