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Fine a find at tight end?

The St. Louis Rams have done a good job recently finding serviceable players off the NFL's scrap heap. They've had to in order to survive given the poor draft record of the team Devaney et al inherited. So what to make of their recent aquisition of castoff TE Derek Fine?

I think he's probably nothing more than a camp body to compete with Daniel Fells, personally. He's 6'3" 247 lbs (an inch and 20 lbs smaller than Fells) and lacks the kind of separation speed you need in a real difference making tight end. Sando has a scouting report on him in a post from yesterday. 

Fine might be fine (oh, bad pun) for a look as a dump off, check down type guy in the Rams West Coast offense, but I wouldn't exactly cross TE off the needs list. 

After all, Fine was released by the Bills, who have a big RFA decision to make with another TE, Joe Klopfenstein