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Introducing the 2010 TST Mock Draft Challenge!

Alright armchair general managers, let's see you put your money where you mouth is. Today, I am officially kicking off the 2010 Turf Show Times Mock Draft Challenge!

And what is this Mock Draft Challenge I speak of? It's simple enough, you draw up a first round mock draft, post it in the FanPosts and the most accurate mock wins a prize to be determined.

Obviously, it won't be the kind of prize that would allow you to buy that place in the Cayman Islands, but we'll find something cool to reward your predictive abilities AND you'll be officially known as the TST Draft King, a great prize in and of itself.

Here are the rules and scoring method:

Because of trades, we'll base this on the player's draft position and not the team that drafted him (with a nod to the contest methodology at Walter Football). We'll assign points based on your prediction, as follows:

Four points if you get the pick right.
Three points if you're off by one spot (i.e. You pick Suh to go first, but he goes second).
Two points if you're off by two spots.
One point if you're off by three spots.
Zero points if you're off by four or more spots. 

Remember, this is for the first round only. The person with the most points wins. We'll have a two-tiered tie-breaker. First, predict which pick will see the first trade (e.g. Tampa will trade their third overall pick). Second, predict the team that will make the most draft day trades (e.g. New England will make the most trades). 

When you create your entry for the contest, be sure to indicate at the beginning of your post that this is an entry for the TST Mock Draft Challenge. You can enter as many times as you like.

Clear as mud? Questions?

Have at it.