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Random Ramsdom: 2/18/2010


Hold the phone- it's already Thursday? I don't know about you guys, but this week has gone by mighty fast. Let's take a look at the stories for today:

First, here are some fan posts from the last few days:

  • bigwood25 has some notes on the new BET show The Michael Vick Project. Apparently the Rams let Vick down. I don't know if I can quite believe Vick, but if you do, just how interested where the Rams when he first came back? Surely he wouldn't think that way unless he or his agent had some evidence. He can't be that thick-headed.
  • kinzav29 takes a look at the talent position by position in the draft. I'm not sure if I completely agree that you'd be able to find starters from round 1 to round 5, but barring Brooks Foster, last years draft was pretty solid for the first five rounds. Who knows?
  • MathB weighs in on Jimmy Clausen, Dan LeFevour and Michael Vick. Will Jimmy Clausen be able to probably develop with the Rams (and their horrible offense)? Sound off in the comments.
  • Mooseknuckles41 has eleven suggestions for the new owner. My favorite? Renaming EJD to the Budweiser BattleDome. If this happened, even if the Rams were horrbile, people would all agree- they have the most bad ass stadium in the world.

Outside of the community, we have these links:

  • Mike Sando has info on the Atogwe side of things. It's going to be very interesting, because according to him, RFA's must recieve 110% of their previous years salary (so quite a bit for Atogwe). Even more of a reason to sign him long term.
  • Sando also has a post about four trade proposals in the NFC West. Guess what? It also involves Atogwe. He's really been feeling the love lately...
  • Mike at Ramsgab has a preview of RB free agents this year. I'm not sure I like any of those names, but it's always worth it to kick the tires.
  • The St. Louis Rams snagged TE Derek Fine off of waivers. I get the whole "finding the diamond in the rough," but sometimes you just need to go out and buy a big rock.
  • Bernie says the pressure is on the Rams to not blow the first pick. Of course, if they did, it's not like they'd set back the team too far- we were 15-1 if you flip our record last year. Always have to look on the brightside...
  • Lastly, complements of Shaun White, the Double McTwist 1260. Enjoy.

Have a good Thursday everyone!