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Rams go offense in MTD's Mock Draft

The gang at Mocking the Draft posted their most recent mock draft yesterday, a two round mock. Their picks for the St. Louis Rams seem to confirm some recent trends developing among draftniks regarding the team's likely direction come April. 

The picks from MTD are...

Round 1

Sam Bradford | Quarterback | Oklahoma: In consecutive years, the Rams have passed on the likes of Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan, players considered franchise quarterbacks. It may be somewhat unlikely the Rams will be contending for a playoff spot in the coming season. But taking a quarterback this year would allow him to ease into the starting spot. It will also give head coach Steve Spagnuolo another season to work over the team's defense while the team adds more talent.

Conventional wisdom is shifting and many are starting to think that the Rams coaches will use the draft to bring in "their guy" as the team's next quarterback. You'll recall 3k predicted this in late January, saying:

I think this is going to be much like Detroit's pick last year; the country is going to feel the team gravitating toward a QB before the local fan base accepts it. And just like Detroit fans last year were clamoring for offensive line help, I won't be surprised if Suh's contingent here at TST feels the sting early on (similar to the Aaron Curry fans in 2009), but this puts a lot of pressure on HC Spagnuolo and OC Shurmur to turn things up a notch offensively in 2010 especially if they take Bradford over Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame).

Round 2

Damian Williams | Wide receiver | USC: When Steve Spagnuolo was defensive coordinator of the Giants, he made his name off getting the most out of tackles who were somewhat underachievers. He should be able to do the same with a later-round defensive tackle in this draft. Instead, opting for a good possession receiver with solid athletic abilities would help a player like Bradford develop faster.

I know some of our USC fans around this site have seen plenty of Williams, so I'll ask you (and every other draftnik here) what you think about this pick? Is it redundant for the Rams to have Williams and Laurent Robinson? Based on the available players in MTD's draft, would DE Corey Wooten or DT Lamar Houston be a better pick for the Rams? Or, what about Brandon Spikes; could he make the move to WLB in the Rams' defense?

Weigh in.