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Making the Case: Aaron Kampman

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We have talked quite in depth about quarterbacks today, so let us go the opposite direction for this one. Packers fans have talked in depth about this issue. He would be a good addition to the Rams, but that is just on our side of the fence. What do the Packers think about him?

Brandon at Acme Packing Company hit on this issue today (most of the links are from this post). The Packers could certainly use a pass rusher, but is he worth signing to a long term contract? Will he sign a long term contract with them? They almost certainly will not use the franchise tag, as that would cost them around 10 million dollars (a large sum regardless of the salary cap situation). Chris and Dave (Packers therapy) tweeted a while back:

Aaron Kampman "furious" about how Packers used him last season

It's not hard to understand why; he hesitantly switched positions (he was a linebacker waaay back in the day, but it's been a while), had a so-so year statisically and was injured. Frustrating to say the least.

Also, Kampman isn't stupid (not that any players really are). He know's he can probably snag a big paycheck by hitting the open market- one the Packers may not be willing to give him. As Brandon pointed out, it's going to come down to the franchise tag. Is he worth 10 million dollars? No. Is he worth a large contract to the Rams? Yes.

The Rams (as we all know) have been plagued by bad lines. Not only has it been bad draft picks, but we've seen multiple players walk away only to have productive careers with other teams. If the Rams do indeed draft a QB with the first pick, then they are going to need to find high-quality defensive lineman somewhere else. Praying that someone in the 2nd (or later) rounds will make an immediate impact simply won't work. It's too big of a hole to leave up to a gamble. With the rotational system Spagnuolo likes to employ, it would make sense to bring in another younger (OK, OK, he's younger then James Hall or Leonard Little) player and let Hall or Little (whichever, or both, depends on who they retain) come in on select plays to keep their snaps down.

All in all, it makes sense. The Packers don't want to drop 10,000,000 dollars on a guy who had a difficult, injury laden transition. He doesn't like the way he's being used. The Rams need help and they can certainly use him. This isn't a Michael Vick-stopgap type of upgrade, he is someone, who if healthy, could make a difference for quite a while with the Rams.

Getting him is the smart move.