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Remembering the Rams other QB

I've committed an egregious error throughout the quarterback discussion, ignoring the St. Louis Rams "other" QB on the roster, former Central Washington standout Mike Reilly. Right now, it's easy to overlook Reilly, who the Rams added to their practice squad in December. 

Scouring the web for more QB info - I'm addicted - I came across this article from Football Outsider's Doug Farrar that appeared in the Washington Post in the midst of last year's draft hype. Contained within are some pretty positive assessments of Reilly's ability, which have suffered thanks to the small school bias. For instance, this quote comes from Greg Cosell of NFL Films:

I think that as a pro prospect, he's the fourth-best quarterback in this draft, after Freeman, who has a ton of skills but is very raw and unrefined. But after that, Mike Reilly -- and I've watched him on film, and I've seen his only game against a Division I opponent in Montana, in addition to some other games -- I think he shows NFL attributes. I love when I read stuff that says, 'Well, the guy has an average arm.' When you watch him on film, he doesn't have an average arm. He actually has a pretty good arm. And he does the things ... I understand that it's not against top competition, but that's not the point, He's also not playing with great competition. He's playing with the same (level of) guys he's playing against. So, you look for NFL attributes, and he's got them.  

We all know he's not going to be drafted in the first two rounds, but there's a quarterback from two years ago that I really liked, named Matt Moore, who came out of Oregon State, who's now with Carolina, and I can tell you that (Panthers head coach) John Fox thinks he's going to be a starting quarterback in this league

It sounds like Reilly could have been a better sixth round pick than Keith Null, but draft hindsight is always 20/20. I'll be anxious to see if Reilly gets some time in camp and what he does with that time. Though I'd hold off on anointing him the answer to the Rams QB questions.