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Pulling a Robinson

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I must find more players!
Photo via I must find more players!

It's all fun and games until your team is consistently the worst in the NFL. This is something we all know very well.Billy Devaney and the front office received a lot of praise last year for finding diamonds in the rough (in the form of both players on other teams, and in the draft). Players like Laurent Robinson, Danny Amendola, Bradley Fletcher and Brandon Gibson all made contributions to the team and they are part of a young, promising nucleus of players that should set the team of for success. There is no reason to think that the Rams will not employ a similar strategy this year. Here are four players that might be worth taking a look:

1) Trent Edwards, QB, Buffalo

He did struggle earlier this year and was eventually replaced by ex-Ram Ryan Fitzpatrick, but I wouldn't necessarily say it is all his fault because he played for the Bills (this is an argument we should be used to by now, being Rams fans). Even in the midst of this so-so season, he completed 60.1% of his passes and threw 6 touchdowns vs. 7 interceptions. Nothing to brag about, but it could have been a lot worse. He had a good year in 2008 where he flashed plenty of potential. He could definitely use a change of scenery after falling from grace and could somewhat cheaply if the Rams made a play for him. He could certainly be a Drew Brees type of acquisition, someone who joins the team nucleus and helps the team play better in the long run. Not only that, but the Rams have plenty of young quarterbacks who they could trade in additions to picks for the QB starved Bills.

Could it happen? Certainly.

2) Devin Aromashodu, WR, Bears

Here is a player that has bounced from team to team for the last few years. When Devin Hester went down, he had a nice 4 game stretch where he played pretty well. You never know what is going to happen when Mike Martz comes to town, but the Bears look like a team that has quite a few promising wide receivers (Knox, Hester and Devin Aromashudo), so they might be able to try and pry one away.

Could it happen? Possibly.

3) Richard Seymour, DT, Raiders

He was blindsided by the trade to the Raiders at the start of the year and still seems to hate the Patriots. His family still lives on the east coast and he'd most likely love to move to a team that is closer to them then Oakland. It might be tough to convince someone who wants to win to join a 1-15 team, but a sit down with Coach Spagnuolo would probably help quite a bit to ease his mind. In addition to that, I doubt anyone would want to stay in Oakland longer then they can.

Could it happen? Possibly.

4) Quentin Groves, DE, Jaguars

Two years ago there was some hope that the Rams would draft this guy. They didn't and it seems to have been the better move. Some people don't even know if Groves can make the team next year because he just isn't big enough to be a consistent pass rushing threat at DE, but with a defensive line specialist as your head coach and a linebackers coach as your defensive coordinator, It seems logical that the Rams could find somewhere to put him. It might be tough for the Jags to jettison such a young player, but given the fact that he hasn't produced anywhere near what they wanted (or needed) him to, it's a possibility the Rams could make a play for him.

Could it happen? Certainly.