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You Pick'Em Playoff Challenge: Results

I know a few of you have been waiting for this, and rightfully so. We had over 125 people participate through the four rounds (wildcard, division, championship, Superbowl) and I firstly would like to thank everyone who participated. The people who won played well, but there were certainly quite a few (i.e. around 20 or so) that were right behind them in terms of results. As for the scoring below, each correct pick was worth 1 point, and tiebreakers were only used in the case of a tie (which did happen). The Superbowl choices (most offense, MVP, sacks) also counted for one point. So! Without further ado...


There isn't much debate about it; Raptor's flat out dominated by picking well every single week. He had the second highest score and was constantly at the top. He had an overall score of 10 points. Hopefully he'll lend his secrets so everyone can make some money.

RUNNER-UP (SPREAD): MountainRanch

MountainRanch was the runner-up for the spread side by virtue of tiebreaker (three way tie with BruinHalo and RamFanMike). He posted 6 points and beat out Bruin Halo by one point during the final tiebreaker (the Superbowl). Talk about close!

3RD (SPREAD): BruinHalo

As mentioned before, Bruin, Mountain and RamFanMike were locked in a three way tie. BruinHalo beat out RamFanMike by virtue of tiebreaker, and took third (barely missing out on second). Congrats!





It was closer on this end, but Brandon B. had the highest overall score of anyone, spread or not, with 11 points. Not only that, but he nearly picked every single winner correctly (9-2). If I were you Brandon, I'd go get some Lotto tickets.

RUNNER-UP (WINNER): ramsrule

Ramsrule edged out moy by virtue of the tiebreakers. He snagged 9 points and had one of the highest overall scores. Congrats!

3RD (WINNER): moy

In the end, it came down to the tiebreaker scores, as moy also posted 9 points overall. It was so close that I actually had to go back through every single playoff game to compare their scores. Congrats!


Congrats to everyone who won and everyone who played. Enjoy your bragging rights!