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Rams hire Holmgren protege as receivers coach

The St. Louis Rams have hired a new wide receivers coach, a name that fans will recall. Former Rams defensive back Nolan Cromwell (1977-1987) will replace Charlie Baggett, who left for the University of Tennessee.

There was talk when the season ended that Rams all-time leading receiver Isaac Bruce would be a possibility for the job, and Bruce said he would be interested. I know fans would have loved to see Bruuuuuce back in the team fold, but this will hopefully prove to be a good hire. And it's not like Cromwell doesn't have a past with the Rams.

As for Cromwell's experience, one of the more interesting things is how his coaching career shifted from one side of the ball to the other. He began coaching with the Rams in 1991, as defensive and special teams assistant. A year later he moved on to Green Bay as the special teams coach from '92 through '97 before taking over as their receivers coach in 1998. Of course, a defensive back would know and understand receivers well, sort of like you find so many former catchers working as pitching coaches in baseball.

After that he joined the Seahawks, spending nine seasons coaching receivers there. He's been the offensive coordinator at Texas A&M.

You'll notice his coaching career coincides closely with Mike Holmgren. Cromwell joined the Packers the same year Holmgren became head coach and moved to Seattle with him in 1999. What's that mean? He knows the West Coast offense, something that can't be over looked as the Rams try to improve the rotten offense from the last season.