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Free Agent Ramblings: Part Two

Could Sam Bradford have more weapons next year?
Could Sam Bradford have more weapons next year?

After looking at what options the Rams would have for defense, it's time to take a look at the offensive side of the ball. A lot has been said about the inconsistency the Rams have had on offense, either when talking about players or play calling. Either way, it's clear the Rams could use some help here too. Below are some players that could help out the team next year, as long as the NFLPA doesn't go guerrilla warfare on the CBA negotiations.


Jerome Harrison, RB, Eagles:

This guy played for the Browns up until just recently. After gaining over 1,000 yards (receiving and rushing) last year, he lost his job to Peyton Hillis and was subsequently traded to the Eagles. He's been doing well in a backup role, averaging 4.7 yards per carry in the crowded Eagles backfield. He played at WSU, and as such, he was one of the few college players I saw play. Even though the Cougars were (and still are) horrible, he was probably the only bright spot on that team when he was there. The guy can run, and if you look at his stats, you'd tend to agree.

Darren Sproles, RB, Chargers:

The Rams almost nagged before he was tagged by the Chargers, so it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say he'd still be on the teams radar. His price tag has probably dropped, which isn't a bad thing either. He'd be a good change of pace runner who could also chip in on returns should Danny Amendola want a break. (What am I thinking, Amendola never needs a break. Sorry VT.)

Evan Mathis, G, Bengals:

He's been pretty quite this year. He lost the job after an ankle injury took him out last year, but you'll notice from Football Outsiders that their mid/guard rushing rating dropped from 10th best in the league to 25th (2009 to 2010). It can't all be attributed to him, sure, but he's both a good pass protector and run blocker, and most certainly would be an upgrade over Adam Goldberg, or even Jacob Bell, if the coaching staff so desired.

Steve Smith, WR, Giants:

After having a huge season last year, Smith has dropped off a bit with only around half the yardage and touchdown totals this year. The problem is that the Giants have always been pretty keen to spreading out the ball, and he simply isn't getting the same amount of receptions this year as he did last year. Considering the fact that New York has quite a few players ready to hit the free agency, Smith may be tempted by a starting position and a familiar coach.

Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings:

What's not to like about this guy? If the Rams don't get it done with Vincent Jackson the second time around, he'd be a hell of a Plan B. I don't think there is any legitimate reason to not go after him. He's a deep threat, has size, and is everything you wished the Rams had at that position. Having a proven threat like this could be the key to opening up this offense and seeing just what type of plays Pat Shurmur really has in that head of his.