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Week 14 power rankings - Middling amid the muddled middle

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(Thursday morning update: SI has been added as well.  Not much change in the averages.  18.17 average ranking and +1.17 average change.)

(Wednesday morning update: I added the USA Today and National Football Post rankings.  Without the Sports Illustrated tally, we're averaged at 18.36 with an average change of +1.18.  Breakfast for thought.)

  For some, Sunday's road win over the Cardinals was enough to put us firmly in the middle tier of the NFL.  For others, buying into a post-GSOT Rams team is really, really hard to do (see CBS Sports rankings).  It is what it is.

  You can't lose the early games to Arizona, Oakland and Tampa and expect to match up against teams who have performed to standard all season.  Still, there's something to be said for momentum and growth; I, for one, have always thought the power rankings were an appropriate medium to make that kind of statement.  Some apparently disagree with me (see CBS Sports rankings).

  Enough with the codswallop and taradiddle.

SB Nation: 22nd (23rd last week)

Sam Bradford is moving along nicely in his rookie season, especially the last month. Like Seattle, the Rams just need to keep pace with the Seahawks to give them a shot in Week 17.

Thorman's killing me every week.  Didn't this happen?  I didn't dream it did I?

The rest of the internet's top power rankings after the jump, including one huge crapper (see CBS...ah, you get it by now).

ESPN: 17th (22nd)

Like the 49ers, the Rams own no victories over teams that currently have winning records. 16th (17th)

CBS Sports: 22nd (20th)

I think what this team has done is a direct tribute to Sam Bradford. They are set at that position for a long time.

Just a thought, or two if I you count the fact we've won two road games in a row and that results in a two-spot drop.  Why did we go from 20th to 22nd after consecutive road wins, but Tennessee, who has lost their last two games to Houston and Jacksonville by a combined 37-6, goes from 21st to 19th?  Hell, it doesn't make any less sense than sliding the Broncos from 27th to 26th a day after firing their head coach and two days after losing 6-10 in Kansas City.  Sensibility, Prisco hath no use for thee!

Fanhouse: 15th (19th)

It's nice to win on the road, and the Rams have orchestrated two big wins over the last two weeks in Denver and Arizona. But their next two games will be the measuring stick as they face New Orleans and Kansas City to try and stay on top of the NFC West.

USA Today: 18th (17th)

Their six wins equal total from three previous seasons.

National Football Post: 21st (21st)

The Rams took care of the Cardinals to stay atop the NFC West and travel to New Orleans this Sunday.

Sporting News: 23rd (23rd)

Sam Bradford aced road trips to Denver and Arizona. Now, he goes down the mighty Mississippi to mighty New Orleans.

Pro Football Weekly: 17th (18th)

Steven Jackson's postgame Tweet: "I'm proud of this team."

Pro Football Talk: 16th (17th)

Meet the early favorite to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVI.  If there is one.

Fox Sports: 15th (18th)

I've been saying for weeks in this space that for the Rams to be a winning team they must be able to win on the road. While they beat the lowly Cardinals last week, they still were able to win away from home. And they were able to get it done without rookie QB Sam Bradford playing well.

Sports Illustrated: 16th (17th)

My 12-year-old son, Micah, said something pretty smart to me the other day. We were talking about how Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh were virtual locks to win the NFL's Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, and he pointed out that when you're drafted first and second overall, that's kind of the way it's supposed to work out. But rarely does.