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Bradford MVP talk: Random Ramsdom, 12/7

St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford's name enters the MVP conversation.
St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford's name enters the MVP conversation.

Tuesday morning coming down...down at you with enough St. Louis Rams news and commentary to keep you occupied until brunch. 

The scramble to replace Na'il Diggs begins. Most likely, it's David Vobora, but the loss also leaves them short at LB. In fact, the injury report this week is quite longer than it has been for some time. Fortunately, Diggs appears to be the only player sidelined. 

What does a tough team look like? Bernie Miklasz looks at the resiliency of these Rams

The 49ers are giving the starting QB job back to Alex Smith this week for a game against Seattle with big division implications. Will that move help them overcome the loss of Frank Gore and keep hopes alive for the NFC West title? That remains to be seen. It's a sick world when Rams fans have to hold their noses and hope the 49ers win this week. 

Head coach Steve Spagnuolo says he sees the traits of a playoff team in the DNA of the 2010 Rams. 

Losing to the Rams is a big step on the road to losing your head coaching job, right Josh McDaniels?

Sam Bradford may have a lock on the Rookie of the Year, but given what he's done for the Rams, doesn't he deserve a little consideration for the MVP award too? He doesn't have the stats that others do, guys like Michael Vick or Tom Brady, but there's no question about his role in the Rams' changed fortunes this year.