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Random Ramsdom, 12/6

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Rams win two games straight...on the road. It feels foreign to say this, even in the midst of this season. It's almost eerie watching a team develop right in front of you; even three weeks ago you could say that the Rams are not at the point where they are now.

Luckily for us fans, we are sitting at the top looking down at the rest of the NFC West. It's been a long time since that happened with any sort of consistency, but there is a very real chance this team could make the playoffs. With that, let's hit the links.


Jeff over at Ramsgab has his recap up of the Cardinals game. He says the Rams took advantage of the opportunities presented to them yesterday, and I'd tend to agree. Even this season, the Rams haven't had too many second half success stories.

Will from Ramsherd has some notes on yesterday's game. Among them is the fact that even though certain players were kept in check (Chris Long, Danny Amendola), the Rams were still able to do what they needed to do on both sides of the ball.

Jim Thomas has his notes on yesterday's game as well.

Mike Sando dissects yesterday's game in detail, and on the quick. Pick your poison.

Charles Robinson at Yahoo! thinks the Spagnuolo is going to be in the hunt for the coach of the year award. Who can blame him? Minus Sam Bradford, this team hasn't really had any marquee additions from last year. You know, the one where they were the worst in the league?


That's all for this morning. Go Rams!