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Fantasy football, week 13: Start or sit Steven Jackson?

Should you start or sit St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson?
Should you start or sit St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson?

The nice thing about the St. Louis Rams playing a late game is that Noon games have already wrapped up another week of disappointment in fantasy football, leaving you to concentrate on the Rams' game. 

In order to help stave off disappointment, here's a quick bit of advice pertaining to the Rams game against the Cardinals today. Let's start with the elephant in the room: RB Steven Jackson. As discussed in this morning's Random Ramsdom thread, the Rams running game is changing, and by changing we mean kind of disappearing. Not they don't still give Jackson the ball, but with run blocking troubles and defenses gaming around his presence, those carries aren't as productive as they used to be. 

But Arizona is pretty soft against the run. They gave up 261 rushing yards against the 49ers last week, 159 against the Chiefs the week before. Seven times this season Arizona has surrendered more than 130 rushing yards. Seems like a pretty good matchup for Jackson, no? Except that the Cardinals are likely to take a page out of the Denver playbook, loading up the box against the Steven Jackson and letting their secondary work on the receivers. 

I think running lanes will again be hard to find early in the game for Jackson, and the Rams will go to the pass, like they have been all along. Which isn't to say that Jackson won't get his chances. He's a supremely talented guy, and you really have to start him because of what he's capable of doing. Remember his legs set up Kenneth Darby's 1-yard TD last week. 

How's that for a non-answer?

If you want more non-answers, we're taking fantasy football questions of all kinds on Facebook and Twitter today, so hit us up with your lineup questions, rants, etc. 

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