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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Rams' week 13 injury report

With a 3:15 p.m. CT kickoff, the St. Louis Rams have some time to figure out those game time decisions. Those decisions could have a real impact on today's game against Arizona, so let's take a quick review of the players with question marks looming overhead.

CB Jerome Murphy -  He's listed as doubtful with a hamstring injury. The Rams want all hands on deck in the secondary against a Fitzgerald and Breaston. Murphy will likely be replaced by both Kevin Dockery and Quincy Butler. Murphy is a rookie with some real talent, but he's still a rookie and not exactly having a Bradley Fletch rookie season. This is probably mostly a push for the Rams at nickel.

CB Justin King - King is probable, and that's good news. I think he's been the Rams third best CB, with good speed.

FB Mike Karney - Karney's injury has him listed as probable, but it's the kind of thing he could play through. Will the coaches put him in the game today or does the trend continue? Maybe it's tradition, but I still like the FB/RB combo.

DT Darell Scott - Will Scott be active today? He's listed as probable, but reading between the lines this week it wouldn't be a big surprise to see Jermelle Cudjo in there instead. 

LB David Vobora - He's not at all injured, but Vobora is a guy to keep your eye on today, getting the start at weakside linebacker as the Rams search for an answer to their needs at that spot. I said earlier this week that Vobora's asset on the weakside is more about his ability to read the play, a need given that misdirections and options have burned the Rams all season. I have a feeling, a hope, that we'll be wondering why Vobora wasn't playing more after today.