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2011 lockout is on the way.

In a letter to the players that was seen by The Associated Press, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said the union had an "internal deadline" for agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement.

The whole article on the letter is in this article on  ESPN. For those of you who don't feel like reading this I will make it short for you. The NFLPA most likely won't try to renegotiate with the NFL until the current bargaining agreement is over. 

The one-page letter on NFLPA stationery said the union expects the lockout to come on March 4, and that players should work with their advisers to prepare for an impending lack of income.

Below I have things that we do know about this lockout and things that we don't know. I know this lockout is on a lot of people minds so I had to let everyone know that this will most likely happen.

5 things you should know about this situation.

1. There will be an NFL draft.

2. If you buy tickets for the 2011 NFL season, and your game doesn't get played because of the lockout you will get your money back.

3. There is a 90% chance that there will be an 18 game season.

4. There is a high chance that 2012 season will have a rookie salary cap.

5. Expect to see familiar faces in the UFL next season.

5. things that we don't know about this situation.

1. Will Goodell get his wish for a development league for the NFL

2. How this will impact free agency.

3. How many players will be on an NFL roster in a 18 game season.

4.  Will teams take chances drafting since they can't sign their picks until this situation is cleared up.

5.  Will there be replacement players in 2011? I hear that it won't be and if thats the case the players have a big upper hand on the owners.