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College football open thread

Lots of great college football action on tap today, as teams try to sort out the mess that is the BCS picture. 

Ok, so it's not all that messy this year, but it's certainly not settled. Cam Newton and Auburn will try and hang on to their title hopes, amongst other things, against South Carolina today. And the Big 12 Championship game looks like a winner too. 

Don't forget, Turf Show Radio is on the air today. Got a burning topic on your mind you want to listen to 3k and myself make even more confusing? Drop it in the comments. The call-in # is (818) 495-6910. 

Speaking of the draft, we had lots of draft action on the site this week. Here's a look at a mock draft, the first mock draft in  long time that takes the Rams playoff considerations into account. 3k also had his OLB big board for your viewing pleasure.  Free agents more your thing? Well, ram_rod has the season's first official free agency post