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Free Agent Ramblings Part One

What is Bartell thinking at this moment?
What is Bartell thinking at this moment?

Ramblings. Get it? Hopefully it's just lame enough to get you to chuckle. If not, hopefully it will provide some good, "what if"s in your mind while you head into the weekend (your mind- head into the weekend...I'll stop now). Also (more importantly), if you like this article listen into TSR later today because an overwhelming majority of you wanted Van and 3k to talk about this very subject. Maybe a few of you will feel so inspired to call in, because that makes you awesome and all.

With part one, I'll take a look at some defensive options the Rams have. I'll be going off this list, so if it's inaccurate, find me a better one that I can use for part two. If you haven't already guessed, I'm going to just ignore that small thing called "potential lockout and work stoppage" for now.

So here are five players (because five is just a nice number) that the Rams could look at if they felt so inclined:

Barry Cofield, DT, Giants:

Cofield was the other half of Fred Robbins when they played together in New York, and was part of a stellar defensive line (he still is). He is a big, (6-4, 306 pounds) run stopping defensive tackle who is also a subtle pass rushing threat that has both experience with other players of the Rams (the numerous ex-Giants, including the ageless Fred Robbins) and HC Steve Spagnuolo. The Giants may let him slip through the cracks since they already have another defensive lineman up for free agency (Kiwanuka), and if so, Spags may go for yet another one of his boys.

Ernie Sims, OLB, Eagles:

Sims could provide the much needed assistance on the weak-side if the Rams were to pick him up. He has been banged up the last couple of years (in addition to changing defenses when Detroit changed their coaching staff), but he is a hard hitting quick linebacker who excels in flying to the ball. He isn't the best in coverage, but is talented enough to improve on that facet of his game. He's also quick enough to be useful in a blitz, and if there is anyone who can coach him, it would be Steve Spagnuolo and DC Ken Flajole, who have already gotten quite a bit out of the no-name players who currently reside on the roster at OLB.

Justin Durant, OLB, Jaguars:

Durant has been a steady player during his four years with the Jaguars. He has had some injury problems, never playing a full 16 game season, but is a quick linebacker who can keep up with tight ends. I honestly think the Rams will go for an OLB in the draft as opposed to the free agency given the lack of "superstar" type options, but if they do, look for someone like Durant to draw there interest; consistent and most likely inexpensive.

Richard Marshall, CB, Panthers:

I hoped that the Rams would get involved in the RFA market last year with him, but nothing ever came up. Giving up their second rounder (Rodger Saffold) turned out to be too high a price. But this year Marshall will be free to walk, and his past experience with DC Ken Flajole could be a factor in getting him to visit St. Louis. He's a physical corner who racks up tackles like no other and also lends support in the run game. He isn't known for his ball-hawking ability, but that makes it seem like he'd fit right in with the CB's in St. Louis anyway.

Cullen Jenkins, DE/DT, Packers:

Jenkins might be on his way out even though he's had a good season with the Packers, as they may not have enough money to retain him. But he's had experience in both a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense, and has undeniable pass rushing ability, something that could make the Rams front four downright deadly in their passing attack. He had five sacks last year, which may not look like much, until you realize he had another 35 QB hits/pressures to go along with it. He has an injury history, but with his flexibility and talent, he may be tough to overlook.


Hopefully this will get the wheels rolling. Call into TSR and weigh in on your Rams!