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Random Ramsdom, 12/30: Secrets revealed, draft talk considered

The secret to the St. Louis Rams success revealed!
The secret to the St. Louis Rams success revealed!

It's a meaty pre-New Year's stew of St. Louis Rams news and comment, with a big side order of draft talk. And you thought Christmas was over!

Let's dig in.


NFL Videos: Playbook: Resurgent Rams
Great video on the Xs and Os behind the Rams 2010 season. They give some much needed perspective on the secret to the dink and dunk: Sam Bradford making quick throws. Also, there's a great breakdown of the Rams defense.

The secret to Bradford's development, injuries to keep an eye on this week, and some draft goodness after the jump.

The secret to Bradford's development

It seems so simple. So simple that we take it for granted, but one key reason why Sam Bradford's been successful in his rookie season is that he's been healthy enough to take every snap with the offense. Remember how much criticism he took for his health coming out of college? Credit the offensive line too.

Outlook not good for Hasselbeck vs Rams

The Seattle Seahawks could be without long-time starting QB Matt Hasselbeck against the Rams this week.

Donnie Avery running again

Injured Rams WR Donnie Avery's recovery from a torn ACL is on pace. He's running again, playing basketball and says he could run a go route if he had to play today. Hmmm, the Rams could use someone on a go route this season...

Fourth man charged in murder of Rams player from offseason roster

I don't know if you've heard about this or not, but it's a pretty sad story. Brandon Joyce was an offensive lineman, form St. Charles, MO, and the son of former Cardinals punter Terry Joyce, was robbed and shot, died a few days later, on Christmas Eve outside of a Bass Pro Shops store in St. Charles. Joyce was on the Rams roster during the offseason and played with Las Vegas in the UFL.

Seatlle LB Lofa Tatupu did not practice

One of Seattle's most important defensive players sat out practice yesterday. Don't know if he'll be out this week or not, but if he is, that's huge for the Rams.

OSU's Justin Blackmon sets two college records in Alamo Bowl win

Justin Blackmon was already high on the draft radar, but his performance last night should make the wide receiver debate a good one. That was a grade A first round performance last night, and he could be of interest to teams picking in the bottom half of the first round, teams like Rams.

Turning pro watch

Some defensive backs leaning toward entering the draft, and Auburn DT Nick Fairley could be leaning against it.