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NFL Power Rankings, week 17: A solid 16

Where would we be without ranking things? Chaos, I tell you, absolute chaos. Rankings help us make sense of a topsy turvy world, and what sense are they allowing us to make of the St. Louis Rams' place in the NFL this week, after a big win against the 49ers this week?

It's a solid 16 all around, except for a strange outlier. Let's take a look:

ESPN: 16th (20th) Solidly middle of the pack. Remember what it was like to get a C in that class you knew that you'd be getting a D in? This is it.

The Sporting News: 22nd (25th) 16th (20th) Somebody not grumbling about the Rams-Seahawks game getting bumped to prime time:

I guess there was some grumbling in some quarters, but I loved the NFL's call to move the Rams-Seahawks to the NBC Sunday-night slot in Week 17. Two mediocre teams or not, it's always compelling to watch a game in which the winner goes to the playoffs and the loser goes home.

Fox Sports: 16th (18th) 16th That's the consensus of the experts at'm sensing a something about the number 16...

CBS Sports: 17th (23rd) Quite a jump this week, not just here, but all over the web for the Rams.

And there you have it...solidly middle of the pack. It feels good to finally be up there in the pantheon of mediocrity rather than the but of jokes.