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Rams playoffs odds

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The St. Louis Rams are sitting on a 5-6 record heading into the stretch. With five more games to play, the NFC West title is in sight, and the Rams' first playoff appearance since 2004. 

According to Football Outsiders' playoff odds report the Rams have a 28.7 percent chance of winning the division title. That's the third best. San Francisco gets 30.3 percent odds, and Seattle has the best odds at 39.6 percent. That's the tightest race of any division.  

The Rams' mean wins projection is 7, slightly less than Seattle's 7.1. 

More and more, it looks like the division title is going to come down to the season's last week, when the Rams travel to Seattle. Of course, there are some important games between then and now too. For instance, beating SF in St. Louis in week 16 is a must win game.