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Pictures to prove it: Rams fans rejoice

After coming up short, well, far from just short, in their last two games, the St. Louis Rams needed a win, desperately. Not only did their playoff hopes depend on it, pride was at stake, shaking off the internet meme that Sam Bradford had hit a rookie wall and the Rams had done all they could to follow a 1-15 season. 

You won't hear much of that talk today, at least not in the national press. The story from yesterday's win over the 49ers is and will be all about the end of Mike Singletary and chaos in San Francisco's front office, a punctuation mark on their season. 

But Rams fans know otherwise. Last week, Chiefs fans from the other side of the state filled the Dome, drown out the meek cheers of Rams who didn't see very much to cheer about anyway. Rams fans had it the other way yesterday. Pat yourselves on the back Rams fans. We've been a long time in the wilderness, and finally Rams football is exciting again. 

Lots of great photos from the yesteday's win. Just click on the image above to see more.