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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 12-26: NFL Stocking Stuffer


Hello gang! It's Sunday again, and yet another episode of, "Whooooo wants the West!". Today something has to give, as the 49rs come into our dome in a game of unbelievable magnitude in which the winner would have a very VERY strong chance of winning the division.

The game starts at 1PM EST so I highly recommend you visit Wal-Mart later to return that pair of 49er socks you received from a distant family member because of, ".. OH he/she likes football... this pair is ok... they won't mind." syndrome.

However, if the Rams play anything like they have the last two weeks, it may indeed be more entertaining to stand in line at the return counter... so are you willing to take a chance?

OK enough fun.. onto the links:

  • 49ers rookie OL Anthony Davis, who struggled versus Chris long in the first matchup this year, vows he will redeem himself today. Let's see if Chris Long has anything to say about that! Long totally schooled the rookie in the first game, constantly harassing Troy Smith, and had a sack.
  • Here's an interesting piece by Bill Coates talking about the Rams struggles in the red zone. You know, the last 20 yards that can mean the difference between 3 points and 7 points? And in some instances, 0 points.
  • Jason Brown urges fans to get to the EJD today. He expresses disappointment in the fact that there were thousands of Chiefs fans in the stands last week. Jason, uh... it is the same state. But I do hear ya big fella.
  • Here's a video by NFL Playbook talking about this week's big game. Two out of three are picking the Rams.

That's about it for today... this is it, win or it's over as far as playoff hopes.. not technically, but if we lose, we'd have to win at Seattle next week and hope for a Cardinal upset at the 49ers... the odds would be super low if you get my drift...

I want to give a quick shout out to my cousin Jimmie Mullen who is the one who actually got me liking football AND the Rams back in 1983. He's also a regular reader here now... you won't find a bigger Rams fan than Jimmie (or WR in my book! Lots of backyard games and I could never catch him!).

Jimmie, sign up for a darn account and start yacking... that's an order!

And... GO RAMS!!!