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Random Ramsdom, 12/24: Anything in Santa's bag for the Rams?

The holiday weekend means a very short list for Random Ramsdom, but there's more than enough here to keep you thinking about the St. Louis Rams when you should be wrapping up your Christmas shopping.


Bernie Bytes: Breaking down Rams-49ers
Bernie Miklasz from the PD gets down to the fine print in reviewing the Rams week 16 matchup. One thing to remember, Bradley Fletcher should start this time against SF.

Defending Sam Bradford
Trent Dilfer, with ESPN, points to teams starting to defend specifically against Bradford as part of the reason for his recent struggles. You'll notice lately that defenses are taking away the right side rollout that has been deadly effective for Bradford and the Rams. Bradford's a smart QB, so maybe he can figure this out this week.

On the other hand, there's always Steven Jackson
One key to getting Bradford back up to the effectiveness he'd gotten used to is releasing Steven Jackson. The heart and soul of the Rams, Jackson says he is ready to carry the load this week against San Francisco.

Singletary quick on the leash with Troy Smith?
There's already talk that head coach Mike Singletary could make a QB switch during the game if starter Troy Smith doesn't perform well. The Rams better play air-tight football because I don't want to listen to everyone say what a genius Singletary is for playing the matchup against the Rams.