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NFC West Declared Unwinnable

OK so the NFL has not "officially" declared this, however, let's rewind the clock approximately three weeks to week 14. The Rams and Seahawks were tied for the NFC West lead (Rams held tie breaker) and the 49ers were two games behind them, seemingly, out of the picture altogether.

In week 14 the 49ers put a beat down on the Seahawks 40-21 and that opened the door for the Rams to put a one game gap on the Seahawks, and keep the two game gap against the 49ers, if they could come out and surprise the Saints.

The surprise that happened was the Rams poor play, and a game which was not even close to competitive, particularly in the second half. Result? Saints 31 Rams 13 and nothing changed other than the 49ers hanging around, and this time only a game behind the Rams and Seahawks... and oh by the way, the 49ers currently hold the tie breaker against the Rams thanks to a collapse at candlestick earlier in the year.

So that means, technically, the 49ers are only one game away from the division lead at this point.

Now let's look at week 15. The 49ers, back in the mix and coming off from a 40 point performance, laid down an absolute stinker against the Cargers 34-7.

The Rams and Seahawks now had a chance to put the 49ers out of their misery, and maybe even pull a one game gap against the other with a win on Sunday.

With the 49ers curled up in a fetal position, and the Seahawks playing the powerful Falcons, the stage was set... the Rams coming off from winning two out of three on the road, finally back at the EJD where Sam Bradford has looked invinceable.. the problem? The Chiefs were in town.

The result? Kansas City thumped the Rams 27-13 with more Chiefs fans in the stands than Rams fans (seemingly) and as expected, Atlanta took care of business against the Seahawks 34-18 but that didn't matter.

The Rams and Seahawks ended the day tied for first place (Rams hold tie-breaker) and the 49ers are still one game out with a head to head matchup against the Rams on Sunday.

So, in the last 2 NFL weekends there has only been one victory by three teams in five games, and that ONE victory came against a divisional opponent (SF over SEA).

I mean seriously... is this division winnable?

It seems like i've typed, "(Rams hold the tie-breaker)" about 400 times this season. At some point something has got to break. With the Rams struggles the last two weeks, I hope we aren't seeing what is breaking.

Perhaps at the end of the regular season, we'll see Roger Goodell doing a ceremonial coin flip for the Rams, 49ers and Seahawks to see who should hoist the trophy. At this point, it doesn't appear anyone wants it. Heck, I say bring Arizona into the mix as well. Something has to be said for consistency.

The problem? Coins only have two sides. Good luck Roger.