Would it be wise for the St. Louis Rams to go to the playoffs?

Ed. Note: This post is from Tevin, now known as T.Ram.

The Rams have been leading the Nfc West for more than a couple of weeks now and they still haven't sealed the deal. They have had a couple games were if you said if variable x and variable y happened they would have won, however the Rams have showed that they just can't beat an upper tier team. In fact the last few weeks have been gut-wrenching losses, and the Rams haven't showed any silver lining. Lucky the Rams still have two division games, and with those two games could salvage their season. (Since I can't do clippings right now to the right is where I showed my psychic powers and predicted our current record and the next two games).->

There is one big issue that the Rams are facing that everyone is forgetting the Rams are still a rebuilding team. There has been so much talk over the last few of weeks that good coaching would have won the games for the Rams. I don't believe this the coaches are doing the best they can the Rams are just lacking too much talent. Thats a story for another day, but the question I am asking is should the St. Louis Rams go to the playoffs? I have threw together a couple of cons and pros.


The Rams could land some free agents with a trip to the playoffs.

It has been a long time since free agents wanted to go to the Rams. We don't know how the CBA will look after this season, but the Rams improving and going to the playoffs could be a factor in some free agents. The Rams front office don't usually make big splashes during free agency, but with the Rams need for play makers this could help them snatch a couple free agents up. Would you rather go to a 6-10 team, or an 8-8 up and coming playoff contending team?

The Rams would get experience for the playoffs.

The Rams are a very young team, and more than 90% of the Ram players haven't went to a playoff game. This would change the environment in Rams Park, and they would have something to prove to the league. The core of the Rams will play harder next season so that they can get back to the playoffs, and the losing atmosphere will be gone.


Why go to the playoffs to lose?

Every team in the playoffs have a chance to go to the Super Bowl don't get me wrong. However when you watch the Rams play a game it just seems like they are lacking the players that other teams have. When was the last time the Rams had an 60 yard touchdown, or got a turnover on defense for a touchdown. That is the real difference between the Rams and other playoff teams.

The Rams will have a higher draft pick in the lower 20s.

Some might say that its not a big deal being 5 or 6 picks higher in the draft. This team needs the draft especially with this years free agency coming up. Yes, the St. Louis Rams need a WR bad and other positions. It would be nice to get a vet to fill in some if the holes that the Rams have, but we don't know how the CBA will look. Also things don't always go the Rams way, just think about the players the Rams tried to get this season but didn't Brian Westbrook, T.O, and Darren Sproles. Also the Rams traded some of their picks away to get Kevin Payne, and Mark Clayton so the early draft rounds will be critical this year than others.

These are only a couple of the pros and cons, because I didn't want to include things like injuries since they can happen in any game. The truth though is that the Rams are rebuilding and most likely would get blown out of any playoff game. Also I think that playoff experience is vastly overrated, because if that was the case what about all the teams who go the playoffs for multiple years and can never get over the hump? In my opinion if the Rams don't want to end up like the teams who went to the playoffs and never went back again, like the Browns and the Dolphins then they will stock up the Rams with as much talent in the draft as the Rams can.