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Which 49ers QB will the Rams see this week?

Just like last week, when Kansas City waited until game time to announce Matt Cassel as their starter, the Rams will begin preparing to face a team with a question mark looming at quarterback. 

This time no vestigial organ is keeping Spagnuolo's Rams in the dark. This time it's none other than the most confusing man in football, San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary. The pantless one told the press today that he has decided on a starter between Alex Smith and Troy Smith, but he is so far refusing to announce which one will get the nod. 

Why the obfuscation from Singletary?

Because it's something I don't want to announce right now.

Ok. Good enough. It could create somewhat of a hurdle for the Rams, as each 49ers QB brings a distinct style of play...and they're both named Smith, go figure. The Rams prepped for Cassel last week, and that didn't turn out so well. However, this is a San Francisco team without Frank Gore and pass rusher Travis LaBoy, second on the team with 5 sacks. 

Besides, its the Rams offense that's been primarily responsible for the team's recent struggles, factoring out the opposing QB mystery.