AmpLified Gameballs and Lameballs vs KC

Besides Josh Brown kicking a 52 yd field goal, does anyone get a Gameball? Anyone? Ok, maybe Baby Danny, but that is it.

What a freakin disaster. A real shame, indeed. The Rams looked lost out there. To make that many huge mistakes with self inflicted penalties and lack of execution, this team looks like it might not win another game.

Billy Bajema needs to be replaced. Jason SMith had the worst game of his career. King SAm looked overwhelmed. No one could block, tackle, catch. cover, you name it. I hope for better games ahead but this team looked simply awful yesterday.

To fall that flat in such an important game for the franchise against a hurting QB was a big punch in the gut to its fans. LAMEBALLS EVERYWHERE including shitty ass officiating.