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The Quick Five: Week 15

Not even he could stop the team from losing it's 8th of the season.
Not even he could stop the team from losing it's 8th of the season.

What an embarrassing display yesterday. The Rams desperately needed a win, but seem unable to care enough to do it. The game was nationally (or near nationally) televised and the Rams had a real chance to silence naysayers with a win against the Chiefs. Instead,  at 6-8, they absolutely must win their next two games against division opponents to be considered for the playoffs. Even then, after this game, I'm not sure if they deserve it anyway. Oh, and shout out to the Golden Child Tim Tebow, who showed exactly what we'd thought we'd see if he started an NFL game. Paging Cam Newton...Cam Newton to the film room please...


Jason Smith, OT

Is it too early to be calling him a bust? Chris Long showed flashes of brilliance his first two years, but the only thing Smith flashed yesterday is the tutelage he received from Alex Barron. Somewhere in Texas, Barron is probably laughing to himself right now, but knowing Barron, he probably couldn't care less either way.


Danny Amendola, WR

The guy doesn't quit, ever. He has over 600 receiving yards on the season, and had an impressive game yesterday both on special teams and on the offense.


Laurent Robinson, WR

Get this guy off the field. Seriously, he's just downright embarrassing. He just can't regain is form from all those injuries.



Chris Long, DE

If he can get a sack a piece in the next two games, he'll hit double digits for the first time in his career. Welcome to the NFL, Chris Long.


Coaching Staff

There are a lot of other people I could probably put here, but the coaching staff's idiocy has to be the icing on the cake. It seems that this team finds things that work, discards them, and then the coaching staff asks why nothing works. Pat Shurmur had a horrible game today calling plays, and Spagnuolo's stubbornness has cost the Rams a few games this year.



Also, here are some links to get you through the morning:

Mike Sando has it all broken down: Playoff Scenarios every which way. All the Rams need to do is beat the 49ers and the Seahawks. That's doable... right?

Also from Sando is a piece on how the Chiefs exposed the Rams. What they can do, and what they can't. But mostly what they can't do.

Jim Thomas believes the Rams failed to measure up. That about says it all.

Will at Ramsherd says the team played Santa and gave the gift of winning to the Chiefs. At least the Rams have Christmas spirit!


That's all for today. Bah Humbug!