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Fantasy weekend: Start or sit Matt Cassel, Steven Jackson and a last minute sleeper

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No doubt, if you're reading this, you're still in the mix for the championship in your fantasy football league. Bastards. Not only did I lose out in one league, I forgot to set my wife's lineup (I know) in the league I do with my in-laws, leaving Vincent Jackson on the bench, and it's been a chilly weekend ever since. Not to mention the back pain caused by the world's worst hideabed. 

Anyway, there are some major fantasy football implications in today's St. Louis Rams game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's review. 

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is the biggest question mark. Recovering from an emergency appendectomy, he was practicing this week, but remains questionable. Assume that Cassel will start given the stakes of the game for his team. However, reports from KC suggested that his throwing motion was off because of the injury. That could be good news for the Rams, and iffy for the Chiefs...and Cassel owners. 

Steven Jackson is getting his yards in the Rams' last two games, picking up 134 total yards from scrimmage last week and topping the 100-yard rushing mark the week before, with a touchdown. The Chiefs allow an average of 109.9 rushing yards per game and have allowed 8 TDs. The Rams will give Jackson carries today, but his role in the passing game might be just as fruitful for your fantasy team. KC's defense has a DVOA of 15.4 percent against running backs as receivers, ranked 24th, allowing an average of more than 7 catches per game and 44 yards. With Danny Amendola increasingly covered up in key passing situations, SJ39 could be a check down machine with the potential to break one off at any moment.

And for the surprise...Well, this is a tough one because the Rams distribute the ball enough to make it hard for any one receiver to regularly accumulate stats. But, KC has not done well against No. 2 receivers this season. Depending on how you classify the Rams' No.2 WR, if you're inclined to take a risk - and it's all about cojones this time of year - start Brandon Gibson. He's been Sam Bradford's top target lately, and could very well the opportunity to pick up his third TD of the season. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.