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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 12-19: Rams Battle for the Governor's Cup AND the NFC West


Here we are, another Sunday with a heaping helping of Rams football... yes, a game that matters! To heck with the playoffs, I'm talking about the Governor's Cup! Yes, the battle for Missouri.

Today's game will have HUGE playoff implications for both teams. Both are leading their division, and a win will keep either team on top. The toughest game remaining on our schedule is today. Will the Rams make some noise? We'll soon see.

Here's some tasty tid bits:

That's about it for today... let's hope the Rams win today, because I'd love to see us win today, and next week while the Seahawks lose two games, and have a virtual "bye" week in week 17... that would be a DREAM.

See you in the game thread, and GO RAMS!!!