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The Art of Execution "Breakdown" Wk 14


At the end of many games the past two seasons where the Rams suffer defeat, many angry fans get out the torches and pitchforks and bang on the doors at Rams Park looking for Pat Shurmur, blaming him for the failure due to his dink and dunk style of offense that has left the Rams grounded in many cases in the second half of games.

Yes, in the second half of games, the Rams are the only entity that can have 22 legs and can't move.

But how much is play calling, and how much is simply lack of execution? I wanted to examine that a bit this week and it's no surprise execution has been a big factor in a lot of failed offensive plays. Over and over again, I'm seeing small things like, a missed block here, a failed screen there, and so on and so forth, that literally made the difference between an incomplete pass, and a touchdown.

Let's take a look at a 3rd and 18 play from last weeks Saints game, and a called "Shurmuresque" 4-5 yard middle screen pass to Danny Amendola, that left all (or most of us) saying, "Shurmur! AHHHHHHHHH! OMG What in the ...... was that??" (being nice on language)

Enjoy! (Don't forget to catch Turf Show Radio tonight.. get your questions in here)

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